How we put a London event agency on the map


The client approached us because their marketing efforts were not producing any results. The agency in charge of their Google Ads account had very little understanding of the client's business and this translated into poorly structured adverts with very low click-through rates.

They approached us as a matter of urgency to get their account back on track and to help increase their leads and conversions.


Our holistic approach meant that we carried out a full 360-degree review of the client's website and Google Ads account. It was decided that we would start new pay per click campaigns across Google, focussing purely on search advertising. We also made the decision to re-design the client's website as we felt it was not visually appealing enough, lacked any call to action and was likely to be contributing to the lack of leads. The client also opted for our SEO service.

Outcomes / Key Achievements

We continue to work with this client and have done so now since 2015. The client is now receiving regular leads from some of the world's biggest blue-chip companies and their business has grown from strength to strength. Their average click-through rate is above 9% at a cost per click of around £1.12p, this is very competitive for the events sector.

Our SEO service has also propelled the client into the upper echelons of Google search. They now rank in the top 3 for important search terms, including event planning in London and the client has confirmed that they have received a number of high-quality leads due to their organic Google positions. 


Results Worth Bragging About

Average CTR 9.12% ✓
Average CPC £1.11 ✓
Over £1million worth of leads generated ✓